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Amanda is one of the most competent and compassionate advisors I’ve ever met. She brings levity and clarity to complex financial situations. She quickly picks up ideas, and brings creative solutions to her clients’ financial concerns. You can be confident in Amanda’s ability to listen deeply, and bring substantial financial solutions to your most pressing needs. Whether you are a business owner an individual just looking to retire, or want to set a financial goal without relying on wall Street’s Casino, give Amanda call, you will be glad you did!

Mark Willis, ​CFP
Lake Growth Financial Services

It has been my pleasure to meet Brandon through an entrepreneurial networking organization. Brandon is not only knowledgeable regarding finance and entrepreneurship, but his true motivation – values, family, and being a force for good – shine through in all his endeavors. Brandon is an authentic person whom I am glad to know!

Miranda Morley
Morley Career Solutions

Brandon Neely is one of my ex co-workers and a true friend. Ever since I met Brandon he was a very friendly, caring person. He always wanted to do what’s right for the customer. Once he opened his first coffee shop he wanted to make sure that the farmers producing the coffee beans he was buying were taken care of by getting a fair price. He did not get into that business to become a millionaire but to try to help everyone attached to his business get a fair wage. So now that he is a Financial Advisor he is doing the same for everyone. Trying to educate people on the aspects of investing and teaching people how to make their hard earned money work for them. He showed me and I am a client of Brandon now. He wants to make a difference in everyone’s life for the better. I highly recommend Brandon to anyone that needs financial assistance.

Jesus Nakamura Jr.

Some might call Brandon the safe money expert, I think of him as a financial magician! I have known Brandon for a number of years in a number of different capacities. Currently he is helping my wife and I by creating a plan not just for retirement but helping us fund the cycles of life in our future and present. He is helping make things possible in our life that we never thought possible. Thanks Brandon!

Justin Botz
Co-Artistic Director of the Lavender Cloud Collective

Making money is not enough.

How can you make sure you have enough to put your kids through college and still have enough left for retirement?

What do you invest in?

Who do you trust?

You know what they say… “Grandma knows best.”

In her day, she was able to feed the family, put clothes on their backs, and still put away a considerable savings.

Sometimes intelligence skips a generation.

Let’s face it, even with over 450 financial products out there, we’re in a pickle.


Grandma always said, “Eat your vegetables.” Would you create a financial diet of cookie-cutter strategies that make you feel bloated with fees? Wouldn’t you rather build on time-honored wealth strategies served with balance and trust? It’s your personal money goals at stake.

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