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Glenn Hahn is on a mission to change the face of health insurance as we know it in the United States. He’s been on every side of the spectrum. Think back to the last time you saw a doctor. Did you get more than 15-minutes for an annual checkup? Was the physician serving you 1st […] Read more

Learning how to save money is a big part of living a ‘rich life.’ Yet it’s not about just aimlessly tucking money away in a piggy bank under your bed! Instead, it’s about good goal setting and practical systems. Understanding how to save money correctly allows us to invest in the things we want in […] Read more


Today, we are continuing our tale of the two twin Grandchildren: Michael & Matthew.  We follow two similar grandchildren as they make different financial decisions and see how it turns out for them. If you missed part one, click the link below to go straight there and get up to speed: Click here to listen […] Read more


  Today, we’re continuing our tale of two twin Grandmas: Margaret & Mildred, and how they both took different forks in the financial road later in life, and how this decision drastically altered their future personal finances. If you missed part one, click the link below to go straight there and get up to speed: […] Read more


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