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This may sound surprising but….we don’t care what your net worth is, and here’s why: First of all, what is net worth?  Net worth is defined as the total wealth of an individual, company, or household, taking into account ALL financial assets and liabilities. Net worth is the typical gold standard of financial progress.  If […] Read more

Have you ever thought of throwing out the budget of your business? What if there was an alternative approach that could move you forward in financial power? Enter: CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT. One of the most important elements in crafting a successful business is developing and implementing an effective cash flow management strategy. Cash flow management […] Read more

Do you have the right financial tools in your tool belt?  Are you digging the right holes?  How intentional are you with your money?  Are you making progress toward your financial goals? Many people grab the closest tool nearby and just. start. digging. It doesn’t matter if it’s the wrong business or if it’s actually […] Read more

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If you’ve never heard of YNAB (You Need a Budget) before, here’s our story of discovering a whole new way to budget… YNAB has stopped a lot of marital disputes, helped us get our business into sellable shape, continues to give us insights on our money journey, and so much more! I can still picture […] Read more

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Financial literacy is so important but even when you’ve handled the basics, there’s always a deeper layer. We were masters at conventional financial thinking – getting our retirement match, living within our means, paying down our student loans. On July 23, 2013, we watched a documentary that changed our lives not just our stories with […] Read more

Is your taxable income too high? Do you dread sending in quarterly and annual payments to the Internal Revenue Service? What if that could be less painful? Comment on YouTube If you send money to the Internal Revenue Service on the regular, you’re missing out on an opportunity?  There is a way to get rich […] Read more

Tax refunds are fun to receive but could they be eating away at your long term wealth building?   Comment on YouTube Do you depend on your tax refund as a forced savings strategy?  You’re too likely to spend that money if it ends up in your bank account. So, you send it to the […] Read more

Comment on YouTube Creating passive income. Exiting the rat race. Going after your big dream.  They are all easier said than done. But the essential ingredients to winning the Cashflow game are simple yet advanced. The simple ingredients are all about what you do with debt, cash, and investment choices. Making smart choices can set […] Read more

Comment on YouTube Could the Boggle-heads be wrong about something? Might Your Money Or Your Life have missed out on a tried-and-true alternative to Treasury Bonds and ETFs? If you’re willing to question 1 thing most of the FIRE Movement believes that was invented in the 1980s to make 1 man rich, then you’re ready […] Read more

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Comment on YouTube #AdultingIsHard Answering the question, “How much should I save?” is one of those adulting questions that people answer all kinds of different ways. It’s also one of those questions where sometimes… er, perhaps most of the time… what’s become conventional financial knowledge isn’t Grandma’s true, time-tested wisdom. Most people take their income […] Read more

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