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Some of the GOATs (Greatest Of All Time) in the sports report visualization as one of their “secrets” of greatness.   Does manifestation and visualization have a place in your wealth building journey? If so, how does it benefit you? Could it be harmful or helpful to your financial relationships?   What if you don’t […] Read more

Take the first step and schedule a call with us at   Quick. Call the coin flip. Heads or Tails?   Heads: Focus on making more money. You can’t cut your way to wealth. Just make more and more money and everything will work out.   Tails: Parkinson’s Law means that every penny you […] Read more

► Do you agree we need more content like this in the world? Then, please share this episode on your socials. You know how w-2 employees around the world are “quiet quitting” and prioritizing who they are over what they do for a living? What could quiet quitting look like for the entrepreneur, business owner, […] Read more

Have you ever played a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos? Sure, it’s a fun game, but it can be quite frustrating, especially when you’re up against more experienced players! Plus, it can be stressful and worrisome to feel like you aren’t taking in enough marbles. Guess what? The same can be true of your wealth-building […] Read more

Let’s face it: talking about money can be uncomfortable and awkward. It’s often necessary, though, like in a marriage! Whether opposites attract or you and your partner think alike, it is important to discuss finances and financial strategies. This week, we tackle the topics of money and marriage, and reveal how to have productive money […] Read more

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