How have small, delicate species like birds been able to survive for millions of years, but the strong, powerful dinosaurs themselves couldn’t? Adaptability!

Adaptability is necessary for our survival, not just biologically, but with our finances, too!

So, if you’re not able to adapt to the volatile economy, then the upcoming recession will wipe you out!

But, if you are able to adapt, you stand to gain from the greatest money-making opportunity you will see in your lifetime.

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In this episode, you’ll discover how to…

  • Maximize your wealth in times of crises
  • Use the past to ask new questions about the present
  • Apply adaptability and accessibility to your path to financial freedom
  • And more!

Show highlights include:

  • Why listening to advice from billionaires and the government keeps you locked in poverty ([9:42])
  • How you can achieve financial freedom by binge watching the Discovery Channel ([10:35])
  • The Blockbuster “reality-check” which could spell the end of your financial dreams ([11:28])
  • How to find “Smithsonian opportunities” to create Scrooge McDuck wealth ([12:10])
  • The “dinosaur principle” for maximizing your wealth (and protecting you against the upcoming recession) ([14:13])
  • How to reach your financial dreams by selling hand sanitizer instead of beer ([15:50])
  • How a “tweak” to your thinking could generate an 80% ROI (without working 80 hour weeks) ([16:18])
  • Why “liquidity” and a “financial circle” is a must for financial freedom (even if you don’t have millions of dollars ([17:32])
  • The 160 year old “Bank On Yourself” strategy to create multi-generational wealth ([20:04])
  • Why listening to “financial gurus” is the best way to stay broke ([21:10])

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