There’s more to life than money. Ever heard of that before? Millions of Americans slave away their entire lives thinking, “If I just get one more car,” or “If I just get one more promotion, then I’ll be happy.”

I’m here to tell you, that’s a big fat lie.

Look at all the rich and affluent millionaires and billionaires who are depressed, anxious, full of regret, and sadness. Wealth is way more than just “money.” And 95% of Americans go their entire life without discovering what leads to true wealth (and happiness).

So if “money” isn’t the answer to building true wealth (and happiness)…

Then what is?

Today, Amanda and Brandon reveal 7 river pollutants that will destroy your wealth building journey (and leave you mired in poverty). You’ll also discover why thinking “you get what you work for” is squashing your dreams of early retirement.

Listen now!

Show Highlights:

  • How Aladdin can help you unlock multi-generational wealth ([2:13])
  • 7 “river pollutants” that will destroy your your wealth building journey (and leave you mired in poverty) ([3:37])
  • The predominant economic theory 95% of Americans have heard of for the last 70 years (and how it’s leading you down a road of poverty and despair) ([17:04])
  • Why thinking “you get what you work for” is squashing your dreams of early retirement ([17:20])
  • 2 alternate economic theories developed by Michael Jackson and Ghandi (and how they could grant you power, autonomy, wealth, and freedom) ([22:45])

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