Glenn Hahn is on a mission to change the face of health insurance as we know it in the United States. He’s been on every side of the spectrum.

Think back to the last time you saw a doctor.

Did you get more than 15-minutes for an annual checkup?

Was the physician serving you 1st or did it seem she had other interests in mind?

Are you happy with the entire process from scheduling an appointment (or showing up at a drop-in clinic) to paying your bill?

Most people we talk to have some horrible story of at least 1 interaction they had with the health care system. (Ask Brandon some time about his 12 hour wait in an ER.)

I mean, every person who goes through our complimentary financial analysis process is asked the question, “Are you happy with your current health insurance?” The common response is along the lines of, “Not really.” (Click here to schedule yours)

So, we decided to interview a health care expert to help you have better interactions with the system.

Today, we’re beginning a 2-part interview with a grandpa who’s made transforming health care his mission.

So you thought your life choices were confusing? Well, now they’ve become much more of a challenge as you set out to navigate the healthcare minefield. But do not panic!

Today’s Guest is Glen Hahn, and he’s on a mission to change the face of health insurance as we know it in the United States.

He’s been on every side of the health insurance spectrum. Whether you’re looking for medical insurance as a consumer, you’re looking to utilize it as an employee, or something completely different, Glen has probably been there!

Make sure you tune into this episode as Glen shares his wisdom from 34 years inside the healthcare sector, plus some eye-opening insights into money, real freedom, and long-lasting legacy.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • An Impossible Task? Glen’s mission to change the face of U.S Health-Care ([2:10])
  • Glen’s advice for attracting more money into your life ([3:20])
  • A financial mistake that ruins many relationships, and how you can avoid it ([4:30])
  • A life lesson you must teach your children – and pass onto your grandchildren ([6:40])
  • Where real freedom is found, and why most people can’t find it ([7:45])
  • How to create a legacy that outlives you ([10:30])

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