How to make your financial life simple?

Bonds, stocks, put options, call options, cryptocurrency, and derivatives… there are thousands of ways to invest your money.

Understanding how all of these work is a full-time career. But you’ve probably heard it said, “You likely shouldn’t invest in something you don’t understand.”

So, how do you create a sensible strategy that grows your wealth sustainably?

In this episode, Wall Street veteran Lester Himel stops by to share how to simplify your finances without sacrificing returns.

Want to know exactly how your money is growing? Then, listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • The weird way Wall Street ignores the grim reality of aging and could set you up for going broke in retirement. ([3:15])
  • Why anticipating the worst in your financial planning makes you wealthier than looking at optimistic forecasts. ([4:44])
  • Why you need to “expect the unexpected” if you want secure finances and long-term wealth. ([7:33])
  • How comparison creates unrealistic expectations and, as a result, often nudges you to harmful investment decisions. ([11:55])
  • Why mutual funds are “micro-diversification” and only pretend to keep your portfolio safe. ([18:38])
  • The portfolio approach that takes care of your 93-year old self (even if you’re still young) ([22:42])

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