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Might you have more financial options than you’re being told? Meghann Woo, MBA shares how she discovered and embraced her options.

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Society dictates a plan for life: We’re expected to go to college, graduate, get a job at a corporation and spend the rest of our lives paying off the debts we took on to get there.

That lifestyle might be right for some, but not everyone wants others to run their life. And here’s the good news: You don’t have to.

You have more options than you might think to make money, build wealth and create a life you love. In this episode, corporate worker-turned-entrepreneur Meghann Woo stops by. She’ll show you exactly how to build a career and life you love by following your calling.

Want to stop letting others run your life and build an authentic, wealthy lifestyle? Listen now!

Financial Options show highlights include:

Note: The times are for the podcast version.  The YouTube has the complete, unedited interview!

  • How making an average income as an entrepreneur makes you happier than a six-figure corporate job. ([5:55])
  • The “friendly neighbor” method that turns prospects into friends and clients. ([7:30])
  • Why simple step-by-step programs will make you wealthier than any complicated investment strategy. ([12:22])
  • How stress in your personal life can drain your bank account and harm your business. ([14:24])
  • Meghann’s advice to her younger bankruptcy-facing self. ([17:29])
  • Why Dave Ramsey’s advice can help you get debt-free, but won’t get your money to work for you. ([19:52])


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