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Financial Stability Pyramid

So what does “A stitch in Time saves nine mean.   it is said to mean that it is better to act or deal with problems immediately, because if you wait and deal with them later, things will get worse and the problems will take longer to deal with. Immediately. Thats why thinking through and building […] Read more

The debtor and Savor staircase. There has to be a better way

Grandma might tell you this old saying Six of one,  Half Dozen of the other and we would be wondering what is she talking about.   But then it would dawn on us its the same thing. You have the debtor and you have the saver.  Saving versus Financing . whats the difference really? Today, there […] Read more

the search for passive income

“If it had been a snake…it would have bitten me!” Thats what grandma might say about our search for passive income A grandmother’s wisdom stays with us for life. She’s lived through tough times that required resilience, sacrifice, and ingenuity; virtues ingrained by necessity and traits that have stayed all her life. Grandma often sees […] Read more

Grandma's Wealth Wisdom

This is a transcript of the first episode of Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom Podcast.  We really hope you enjoy the Wisdom Grandma can give us.   Click Above to listen,  Subscribe on your favorite podcast app or you can read the transcript below.   I must say it is  more fun to listen. Welcome to Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom […] Read more

Sometimes intelligence skips a generation.  Let’s face it, even with over 450 financial products out there, we’re in a pickle.  Inside Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom, we get back to basics with wealth strategies that have stood the test of time… with some practical modernizations.   […] Read more

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