Dave Ramsey is America’s go-to finance guru. Millions listen to him to escape debt, build wealth and create an independent lifestyle. 

But while some of his ideas are great, other parts of his advice can decrease your wealth and make you more dependent on others. You shouldn’t blindly follow advice because many others do so. Your way to wealth should be as unique as you are. 

In this episode, you’ll discover a new perspective on Dave Ramsey and his financial advice. That way, you can choose for yourself what advice to listen to and what to ignore.

Want to create your own path to wealth instead of blindly following what’s on TV? Listen now!

Ramsey Show highlights include: 

  • Why haggling with business owners over expensive purchases is terrible for your community (even if you save money in the short-term). ([1:16])
  • How Dave Ramsey’s “get out of debt” message can keep you from realizing your dream of running your own business. ([3:14])
  • Why Dave’s negative view of debt might come from his bankruptcy. ([5:48])
  • Ramsey’s “Baby Steps” method you can use to escape extreme financial situations (without sweeping changes in your life). ([6:44])
  • Why the $1000 “emergency fund” should be called the “minor inconvenience fund”. ([13:26])
  • How asking your parents for their bank statement helps you make better investment decisions. ([17:09])
  • 5 questions to ask yourself to avoid financial advisors who only work for commission checks. ([20:04])

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