“Robo-advisors” promise to automate your investing and grow your wealth.

What most people love most is that they do it all for free… or almost free. Many have no transaction fees or asset under management fees. Those who do have fees keep them low. 

As you may know, fees can destroy your compound growth.  Obviously, $0 cost investing is a game-changer.

For some, there’s an even better perk than $0 cost.

Besides 0 fees, they also take out some of the human element.  For example, you never have to sit down with a smooth-talking financial advisor. You know, the guy who gets his check even when your portfolio tanks. Furthermore, there’s never a phone call where the voice on the other side is saying, “Sorry, I lost your money.”

While robo-advisors solve some problems with financial services, they’re far from perfect. If you try to look up their dangers, you won’t find many discussing  them.  In addition, it’s even harder to find out what you can do about it. 

In this episode, you’ll find out how robo-advisors really make money. It’s not the 0.25% transaction fee. 

Also, we share what you should consider before using one.

Listen. Check out our research links below. Then, make an informed decision and plan.

Want to find out if a robo-advisor can grow your wealth sustainably? Listen now!

Robo-Advisors show highlights include: 

  • The hidden reason big firms love robo-advisors. ([2:44]
  • How robo-advisors make money. ([5:57])
  • Why even the world’s best robo-advisor can’t insulate you from volatile stocks. ([8:57])
  • The “IRS fee” you only hear about a year after starting. ([10:18])
  • Why trading options can evaporate your wealth. ([12:17])
  • How a robo-advisor manipulated their users into trading 40x more. ([14:45])
  • Why “investing” with some apps is like giving your paycheck to Caesars Palace ([22:27])

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Robo-Advisor Research Links: 

The film we mention is this: The Social Dilemma. You tell us. Do the issues shared in the film apply to robo-advisor apps or only to social media? You owe it to your mental health to look into this.

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