success leaves clues

Success Leaves Clues

It doesn’t matter what field you’re in, success leaves clues others can follow.

When you learn something new, you very rarely discover it for the first time. It’s usually something you’ve read in a book or seen on a Youtube video or heard from a friend.

Without a proven model, success will be much harder for you to achieve. We are hardwired to learn by watching the behavior of others. It’s how we learn to walk and talk. You watch the behaviors of others and then use it to model your own behavior.

If you’re having trouble putting this idea into action, make sure you tune into today’s episode, and while you’re listening, be sure to ask yourself these two questions:

Whose success clues are you studying?
Whose model are you duplicating?

Today’s Show Highlights:

– One of the most common habits among all successful people ([3:20])

– How to sustain high performance and live a satisfying life ([5:25])

– The real power of a mentor relationship and having somebody to talk to ([7:45])

– A huge life lesson we can learn from The Lord of the Rings ([11:00])

– How NOT to find a mentor…and the types of people you should avoid like the plague ([13:00])


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