What’s the difference between knowledge and wisdom when it comes to money?

Everyone knows they should save more money, curb their spending and focus on the long term.

But most people still waste their paychecks on short-term pleasure. That’s because knowledge and wisdom are two different things:

When you have knowledge, you can improve. When you have wisdom, you do improve.

In this episode, you’ll find about the difference between knowledge and wisdom when it comes to money—and how to take action on what you already know.

Want to start putting your knowledge into action? Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • The ancient Greek philosopher that shows you exactly how to turn your money knowledge into long-term wealth you can live off of. ([3:42])
  • How the Polaroid camera teaches you how to question conventional wisdom and build more long-term wealth. ([5:15])
  • The “knowledge approach” to money that keeps you stuck in the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. ([9:24])
  • One question that shows you exactly how to get more wealth wisdom that grows your money for the long term. ([11:22])

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