Tim Austin is a veteran in the financial services industry. His passion was in helping parents solve their most immediate need – paying for their children’s college education while continuing to fund their lifestyle, pay off their home, and save for retirement. He’s a leading advocate of ‘old-fashioned’ spending and saving strategies – but don’t let that put you off today’s show!

Tim is an expert when it comes to helping you reach your financial goals without the unnecessary risk. Today, he’s here to share some of the most valuable financial lessons he’s learned throughout his financial career – including how you could be easily overlooking $2.7 million in your life.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The biggest financial benefit that almost put Tim Austin out of business ([6:25])
  • A common – but easily avoidable mistake – Tim sees people making with their money all the time ([11:30])
  • A $2.7 million dollar story: How big are your barrels? ([13:20])
  • How to build a financial plan without the unnecessary risk ([17:35])
  • The big difference between saving and investing ([22:30])
  • Where to find the best source of financial statistics online ([24:15])
  • An effective saving strategy for your short-term goals ([27:00])
  • Tim’s time-tested 10/10/10 financial formula ([28:30])
  • Everything you need to know about compound interest, and why it’s the 8th wonder of the world ([29:50])

Links Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Find more of Tim’s work over at http://www.bankonyourself.com

You can also find Tim’s story in chapter 11 of the best-selling book ‘Bank On Yourself Revolution’

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