Going broke is heartbreaking. Everything you’ve worked for evaporates in front of your eyes. You feel as if you wasted all those years.

But when you do lose money, you have two choices.  (1) You can restart your failed strategy that failed before. (2) You can learn from your failures and grow your wealth sustainably.

This week’s guest Jennifer Grimson chose the second option. After two bankruptcies and 25 lawsuits, she built income sources she calls “micro empires.” These income sources keep her and her family safe and protected without limiting her growth.

Want to keep your wealth, no matter what happens? Listen now!

Jennifer Grimson interview highlights include: 

  • How competing emotions in your relationship create “financial chaos” and sabotage your wealth-building. ([4:35])
  • The “secrets of the wealthy” that anyone can use today to get cheap credit, build wealth and build income-generating assets. ([10:03])
  • How to become a wealthy real estate investor without ever owning a piece of property. ([12:35])
  • The hidden investment 401k strategy that “unlocks” your 401k and lets you invest in real estate, private companies or even cryptocurrency. ([14:12])
  • Why being a loner in high school sets you up for massive financial and personal success as an adult. ([21:50])

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