Too Many Cooks

If you’ve ever researched personal finance or wealth creation, you know there’s thousands of voices giving advice on how to invest, what to buy, how much to save and a hundred other things.

While most of these people mean well, there’s one big problem: They’re not you. What worked for someone else might not work for you.

To get the wealth and freedom you deserve, you need to find your own path. In this episode, you’ll find  out how to keep too much advice from sabotaging your finances and ultimately your legacy.

Listen now and find your own path so you have a strategy that you know works for you—not for someone else.

Show highlights include:

  • How other people’s ideas can ruin your financial plans—whether it’s your personal finances or those of a business. ([9:35])
  • The simple method that ensures you’re choosing what happens to your money—NOT someone else. ([13:38])
  • How other people’s demands on your money can make you poor. ([15:45])
  • Once you know everyone’s plan for your money, here’s your next step (it’s a simple “permission” you get). ([17:48])

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Time-Honored Wealth Strategies Served With a Helping of Balance and Trust.

Grandma’s Top Five Tips For An Independent Financial Future

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