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Welcome to Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom

Brandon: Imagine for a second you’re on Grandma’s front porch. Grandma’s front porch is a safe place to be in terms of her hospitality and care for your wellbeing.  Yet, it’s also a very dangerous place because you know grandma is going to tell you like it is.

Amanda: We don’t know what your relationship with your grandma is like.  Personally, I only met 1 of my grandmas and she passed away when I was only 5 years old.  Yet, my dad was old enough to be my grandparent so I got a taste of the Greatest Generation from him.

Brandon: For me, I had a great relationship with my grandma and my great grandmother too.  I even lived with both of them at different points growing up. They both have greatly influenced my life and helped me become the man I am today.   We’ll be sharing some of our stories and some stories of THE Grandma with a capital G of Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom.

Who is Grandma?


Brandon: We’re gonna share the lessons Grandma wishes she could share if she could sit on the front porch with you, sip coffee, eat cookies, and give you the best financial education.  The first thing Grandma would say is this: “These are lessons your Baby Boomer parents ignored to their own peril.” She may laugh and say, “Sometimes intelligence skips a generation. Learn my lessons while you’re young and you’ll do much better than your parents.”

Grandma’s First Word of Warning

Amanda: Here’s your first word of warning from Grandma.  Grandma has no idea what the economic climate is like when you’re listening to this podcast. Perhaps the stocks are up. Maybe they are down.  Maybe the Fed just raised interest rates again or maybe they delayed it a few more months. Perhaps there’s a bubble. Maybe the bubble just burst.  Who knows? That’s the point. Grandma’s wealth wisdom is true and can change your life no matter what’s happening in the financial world around you.  You don’t need to get the latest news on this company or that stock in order to build wealth.

Brandon: Amanda, that sounds too good to be true.

Amanda: Yup, that’s what I thought at first too.  And… that’s exactly what Grandma would expect all of us to say because that’s what financial edutainers sell to the masses.  They want us to pay them the big bucks for information based on what’s happening right now.

Brandon: And sometimes, Amanda, their info is flat out wrong.  Trust me, I’ve done the research.

We are on a roller coaster and Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom can help


Amanda: True Brandon.  Some of their info is incorrect.  Even the info they get right isn’t what we need because it’s still based on what’s happening now.  Listen friend, if you’re following the typical advice out there, what you really need is a fortune teller who can predict the future and tell you what stocks are going to do, when the bubble is going to burst, who’s going to be the next president and what they’ll do to tax rates, and so forth.  According to Grandma, “When you’re using typical advice, knowing the future is the only way you’ll get ahead.” Let me ask you this question: Can you predict the future or do you know anyone who can?

Brandon: I know I can’t.  And listener, if you can, please let us know… especially if you have a sports almanac from 30 years in the future.

Amanda: If you can’t predict the future, that’s exactly why you need to listened to Grandma’s wealth wisdom.  Grandma knew the wisdom that worked in her day and continues to work now.

Brandon: Subscribe and listen to each episode to get to know Grandma and her wealth proverbs.  If you follow her wisdom, you can build wealth that lasts for generations, no matter your starting point.

Amanda: Until the next episode, keep building your wealth simply and sustainably for your own future and the future of our grandchildren’s generation.

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