Life Insurance

Have you ever asked yourself what could be more important than life insurance? If not, then it’s time to have your mindset shifted!

Your need for financing is more important than life insurance. Without leverage, you won’t be able to take advantage and skyrocket your wealth creation journey. But without life insurance, your family won’t be able to cover the massive financial expenses associated with death.

Many people believe they have to choose between financing or purchasing life insurance…

But what if you adopted a specific way of doing life insurance? A way that might be able to protect you from the greatest danger to your wealth building journey?

On today’s episode, you’ll discover a simple question that could unlock the wealth you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll also discover a life insurance policy that protects your loved ones, and helps earn cash at the same time.

Warning: this episode might be a huge mindset shift for you. It is for a lot of people… but what better time than the present to think unconventionally and build wealth as a result!

Ready to learn what’s more important than life insurance AND unlock the wealth of your dreams? Watch or listen now!

Show highlights:

  • The “flip-the-script” question that could unlock the wealth you’ve always deserved ([3:25])
  • How you can earn up to $3,000,000 in your lifetime (and why $1,000,000 will go to paying your debt) ([7:00])
  • How needing “protection” more than “finance” could leave you broke at retirement ([8:15])
  • Adopt a “money jar mentality” in your 401K and watch how you’ll end up in a vicious debt cycle ([11:40])
  • How replacing your car’s tires with your vacation fund will ensure you never go into crippling debt ([12:45])
  • The sneaky way paying with cash deprives you of financial growth and freedom ([13:13])
  • The “cake” method you can use to pay off your student debt or buy your first piece of real estate (even if you think it’s too good to be true) ([13:43])
  • How to keep your head above water by shaking hands with your greatest financial dangers ([16:40])

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