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Many people are taught that they should never take on debt. You get money in the short term, but you have to pay back more than you borrowed because you’re paying interest.

It might sound like interest is just another unnecessary expense. And you shouldn’t pay interest for years just to watch football on a bigger TV. But there are cases when interest isn’t harmful. In fact, there are cases when interest is a better investment than most stocks!

In this episode, you’ll find out when paying interest grows your wealth for the long-term—and when you should stay away from any type of interest.

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Show highlights include: 

  • How to use an “expensive” mortgage to grow your wealth for the next 30 years. ([2:04])
  • Why starting a business on a giant loan can make you wealthier than any stock market portfolio. ([5:44])
  • Why buying lattes at your favorite coffee shop doesn’t kill your retirement (and how to build a wealthy retirement by taking on loans instead) ([12:37])
  • How paying $1150 in interest for a car can make you wealthier in retirement if you have the right life insurance.

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