Increasing gas prices and soaring inflation. With poor money management, all of this leads to mountainous levels of credit card bills and diabolical debt. This viscous cycle leads to anxiety, depression, a fractured family unit, and even suicide.

With the management of money affecting your mental health, how can you be proactive and take control of your wealth, freedom, and destiny?

On today’s episode, you’ll discover how your mental health impacts your money and a few simple tweaks to take back control of your wealth and freedom.

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Show Highlights:

  • The insidious way you could end up in an intensive care unit (ICU) in the ER after Tesla take a slight dip in the market ([4:33])
  • 2 practical ways even Homer Simpson could use to improve your mental health, wealth, and wellbeing ([6:51])
  • How to take 100% control over your money by thought auditing (and mood patterning) ([7:07])
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s money exercise which prevents your spending from exceeding your earnings ([8:08]
  • Why making Wednesday as “paper day” clears your mind of negative thoughts, chatter, and anxiety ([9:17])

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