Do you want to have to delay your retirement date by 2 years or 10 years because of a stock market crash? That’s way too common a story for Americans, especially right now.

If you dream of early retirement – whether that be at 55 or 35 – you owe it to your future self to watch this video and learn the #1 mistake too many people are making right now.

If you worry of being forced into early retirement, watch this video and learn the best way to prepare.

One quick note about what we mean by “early retirement.”

We do NOT mean sitting in a comfy chair and watching TV all day.  We don’t mean golfing all the time.  That is unless you’re a professional TV watcher or golfer.

For us “early retirement” means being able to choose your own adventure.  Early retirement means you’re done slaving away just to make ends meet at a job you could care less about or within a business that’s become a time and money sucking monster.  You wake up every day and get to choose when you do with your life’s energy without worrying if the bills will get paid.

Just thought we should make that crystal clear.



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