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Financial literacy is so important but even when you’ve handled the basics, there’s always a deeper layer.

We were masters at conventional financial thinking – getting our retirement match, living within our means, paying down our student loans.

On July 23, 2013, we watched a documentary that changed our lives not just our stories with money.

The information is out of date and they haven’t remade it. So, we took it on ourselves to updated the main points in this series of videos.

Be careful, everything could change for your story with money too!

Financial Literacy Basic 1: How Change Impacts YOUR Money & What You Can Do About It

My invitation to you in this episode and the entire series this episode kicks off is an invitation to be part of bending the change toward social justice, equality, and equity in society and throughout our money system AND to ensure that you, those you love, and as many people as possible don’t end up on the destitute end of the impact.

I invite you to join in the change and thereby hasten it’s happening and help create the change you want to see for yourself, those you love, and the most vulnerable among us.

As you will hear me say time and time again, the change happens 1 household at a time and makes the grand solution easier.

Financial Literacy Basic 2: How I Align My Money with My Values

Every day we make all kinds of tough choices when it comes to aligning our money with our values. Today, I want to tell you a little of my story and the choices I’ve made to align my spending and saving with what I believe, value, and with the world I want to help create.

Financial Literacy Basic 3: Why I Don’t Save My Money in a Savings Account (and Where I Save Instead)

You might think you already know what I’m going to say in this episode – that savings accounts don’t give enough interest – they aren’t even keeping up with inflation so I’d be losing money in a savings account when I factor in the time value of money.

While that’s true… that’s not the main reason I don’t use a savings account to save, except for a very small buffer. Low interest is not even in my top 5.

I look forward to sharing my top 5 and the alternative I’ve found that solves all 5.

Financial Literacy Basic 4: Here’s the Truth About the Stock Markets and Why You Should Care

This episode is going to seem like I’m picking a fight. I’m not.

But I think you should hear a different perspective than what you typically hear, see, and read in the media and from reputable publications.

In fact, I’m going to pull up an article from a source many women use and then pull up the research that they based the article on. I’ll pull back the curtain on their data. Then I’ll show you some research that isn’t widely known and where you can find it.

My only pitch today will be this: Please take time to look at actual numbers. And, always take the time to look at the numbers in your particular situation. Don’t just take someone at their word; take the time to make an objective decision based on facts and work with a financial professional who’s willing to do that with you.

Financial Literacy Basic 4: How I Keep My Money from Getting Quarantined

What if you had to be quarantined or shelter in place for 83.5 years??? That wouldn’t be very fun.

Yet, many people’s dollars are locked up for a similar period of time… even worse than quarantine, they are in prison! Today, I want to share how this works and how to stop it from happening to ALL your money like I have.

Financial Literacy Basic 5: A Home for My Money

I hope you can resonate with the idea that there’s no place like home. For you and for your money. I don’t mean store your money at home or in the dry wall of your home but that your money needs a home – a place to live.

Let’s explore the idea of finding a home for your money.

Financial Literacy Basic 6: What’s More Important than Life Insurance?

Typically, financial professionals are going to invite you to consider your wants verses your needs so that you’ll spend less and invest more with them… raising their fees.

I want to flip the script and ask you, “What do you really need?” Do you need a huge ROI? What about an emergency fund? Is it required to use a budgeting software? Do you need to give yourself a break and allow yourself to spend a little more freely? Do you need life insurance? What do you really, truly need?

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