how much should I save


Answering the question, “How much should I save?” is one of those adulting questions that people answer all kinds of different ways.

It’s also one of those questions where sometimes… er, perhaps most of the time… what’s become conventional financial knowledge isn’t Grandma’s true, time-tested wisdom.

Most people take their income subtract their expenses and save what’s left.

But what if you flipped that formula on its head?

Income – Expenses = Saving


Income – Saving = Expenses

In the video we explain why flipping the script might be the most transformational thing you can do with your money, especially when we go through hard times like pandemics.

We also share how to start no matter how little you’re saving right now and how to build your saving muscle and become a saving superhero.

See what we did there? A superhero saves… 😉 🦸‍♀️

Save your own day and start saving right away!  [cue the superhero music in your head]

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