pay off debt or save

It’s a question practically as old as money itself. Should I save for my future or pay off debt? Which should come first?

It’s also a controversial question about which people have strong opinions.

Plus, some are even changing their minds in the current realities of the pandemic and its economic consequences. Those who used to say, “Pay off your debt as quickly as possible,” are now saying, “Keep more cash available just in case.”

Here’s the game changer:

The question few know to ask is this: “Could I do both at once?” We don’t mean, put a % toward debt and a % toward saving. What if you could use the same dollars to both pay off debt and save at the same time?!?

If it’s possible to have your money do 2 things at once, wouldn’t you want to find out how?  Get the highlights in the video and then request your calculator to be run for you ASAP.

Be sure to have your complimentary “pay off debt or save” calculator done for you at

This video is particularly helpful for those who feel like you’ve been throwing all the money you can at your debt and not seeing the results you wanted to see when you first started.

Another group that could benefit tremendously from this video are those asking, “Should I pay off student debt or save for a down payment on my first home?”

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