cashflow game

Creating passive income. Exiting the rat race. Going after your big dream.  They are all easier said than done.

But the essential ingredients to winning the Cashflow game are simple yet advanced.

The simple ingredients are all about what you do with debt, cash, and investment choices.

Making smart choices can set you up to succeed no matter if you get laid off or have 3 children back-to-back (or the world gets hit by a pandemic).

Those who thrive keep cash available.

Whether you want to win the board game or to win IRL, we’re here to share the simple yet advanced tips for building passive income AND A LOT OF IT.

When you’re playing the Cashflow game for fun or IRL, keep asking yourself questions like:

  • What’s my big dream? How bad do I want it?
  • Would I rather be debt free or always have the monthly income to pay my debs?
  • Do I trust myself?

Flip the script. Experience a mindset shift. Download Grandma’s Top Tips for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers.

In case you’re not familiar, check out the Cashflow boardgame here*.

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