If you’ve never heard of YNAB (You Need a Budget) before, here’s our story of discovering a whole new way to budget…

YNAB has

  • stopped a lot of marital disputes,
  • helped us get our business into sellable shape,
  • continues to give us insights on our money journey, and
  • so much more!

I can still picture the white walls and the sparsely furnished room where I set up a little desk area to start the arduous task of combining Brandon and my households and budgets when we got married. It was a cold room and my budgeting skills were icy at best. There were wedding expenses to finish up, new student loan payments coming, and 2 different money systems to combine.

I had tracked everything with paper and pen before I got married but there was a lot more to track. I don’t think Brandon tracked much at all because I didn’t have any data to get started. After much deliberating on softwares and where to focus, we settled on not really tracking much…

Little did I know a few years earlier another couple had gotten married and decided to watch their money very closely. Jesse, the groom, created a spreadsheet that had turned into a software in 2004 but either I never saw it or chose to ignore it… to my detriment.

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